Monday, March 23rd, 2015

The outcome of the Noah Thomas search wasn’t what any of us wanted. However the SAR community pulled together and with the local and state resources, fielded a lot of people on a lot of tasks. Not only was I impressed by the SAR effort, I can’t say enough about the turnout from the local fire and rescue personnel.¬†Working alongside those folks and their knowledge of the area and the outpouring of support from the surrounding agencies was impressive to say the least.

I thought you may want to look at some initial numbers.

These will be updated as the data is compiled, however, This isn’t all inclusive:

The mission was started on 3/22 at 12:45 and ended 3/26 around 2100. I don’t have the total number of missions tasked out yet, however in that time frame there were 477 ground personnel, 303 volunteers, 25 staff, 22 dog teams and 2 equestrian teams for a total of 3064 manhours. There were over 6800 miles driven to and from the search, 15 individual SAR teams had members respond, 8 separate government agencies, 22 local agencies, and 14 groups of “Others”


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