Requesting Assistance

**Other Government Agency’s that would like to request the services of  Black Diamond Search & Rescue needs to contact the Virgina Department of Emergency  Managements Emergency Operations Center (VDEM EOC)  To have Black Diamond Alerted and Dispatched.**

Dial 911 or contact the Sheriff or other Responsible Agent to obtain assistance with a search or other emergency. Give the dispatcher an outline of the problem you need the Black Diamond Search and Rescue Council to manage:

Who you are and what telephone number will you be using, so that you can be contacted for further information? (Search mangers and local Responsible Agents will need as much information as possible).

Who is missing, or what is the nature of your emergency?

When did the event happen,or when was it discovered?

Where was the missing person last seen, or where is he or she now? (Be sure to give the county and as complete directions possible to the location).

Black Diamond Search and Rescue Teams operate for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM). The local Responsible Agent, usually the Sheriff�s Department, will contact the Virginia Department of Emergency Management and request search teams or other emergency resources. The  VDEM dispatcher will call out Black Diamond and other resources as needed.

Our Mailing Address is:

Black Diamond Search & Rescue

PO Box 22

Marion, VA 24354

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