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NEW – The Learning Management System, known as the Knowledge Center (KC), is a Web-based program that provides up-to-date training information directly from the user’s desktop. This important training tool manages the administration of classroom and on-line training which ultimately improves the delivery of training to all users.

Access VDEM Knowledge Center (KC) [opens in a new browser window]

Email Login ( Accounts)

After Action Report 

Dispatcher Login (State wide Alert Network)

Access the Group Management System



Current Black Diamond Members, Please Contact Danderson @ or Bsaunders @ to have your member account created.

The account will be sent to the Administrator group and verified against our current membership roster. Once validated your account will be approved with-in 72hours. Please Note there may be a longer delay during government holidays, Active Missions , During Any GSAR , Extended Training events and etc. Once your account is approved you will receive notification via E-mail automatically.

Members of other Virgina Search & Rescue Teams with MOU’s with VDEM may sign up for A Limited account in the BDSAR Members Areas. These Accounts are approved at the discretion of Black Diamond Search & Rescue Council.  Approval can take up-to 7 business days. You will receive notification via E-mail automatically.

Some benefits of the BDSARCO Members area are:

Download All Blank SAR Forms

Create your own Email Account, Web Calendar and more! And check it on the go with full Enterprise support for your Android, BlackBerry and Iphone.

Update the places and phone numbers you get alerts sent to.

Submit your After Action Reports

And so much more.

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